"Unnatural Offences of English Import"


Averill's "Unnatural Offenses of English Import" was published in the September 2019 edition of the Journal of the History of Sexuality. This article considers the way the nationalist Irish press in the 19th century constructed an association of same-sex desire with Britishness. This had obvious and powerful political value, and shaped the way that the Irish thought about homosexuality for many decades in the post-colonial state. 

Love in the Lav: Policing Same-Sex Desire in 20th Century Ireland


Averill's first book project is a comparative examination of the policing of same-sex desire in the Irish cities of Belfast and Dublin. Her research brings the issues of post-colonialism and constructions of an idealized masculinity to the fore of an examination of same-sex desiring men in urban Ireland. Through case studies of newspaper coverage of same-sex sex crimes, the urban Irish same-sex sexual subculture, the voyeurism and eroticization of policing “gross indecency,” and rent boys in the Irish courts, she show that Irish conceptualizations of manliness were shaped and challenged by same-sex desiring men.

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In addition to academic publications, Averill writes regularly for the collaborative history blog Nursing Clio, has published with Notches, and of course researches and writes a podcast episode for Dig: A History Podcast every 5-6 weeks. 

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