Love in the Lav: Sex between Men in Twentieth-Century Dublin


 Between 1922 and 1993 in Dublin, hundreds of men were arrested for same-sex sexual offences; preliminary research suggests that Belfast had relatively few arrests. In 1987, the European Court determined that the Republic of Ireland too violated the European Convention on Human Rights, and same-sex sex was finally decriminalized in 1993, also with loud opposition from prominent religious leaders. This history--the policing, marginalization, and experiences of same-sex desire in the 26 counties of independent Ireland--has yet to be written. 


My work has also appeared in the Journal of the History of Sexuality (2019) and Historical Reflections (2020). 

Seance in the Archive: A Dig into the History of Lily Dale, New York


(Under contract) Séance in the Archive is a fresh, smart history of the spiritualist community of Lily Dale, New York. The four women historian-producers of Dig: A History Podcast deliver a popular feminist history featuring all the autobiographical snippets, pop culture references, and intelligent yet cheeky historical interpretations that listeners have come to expect, this time focused on Lily Dale. The book will combine the authors’ firsthand experiences in the town, along with deep explorations of its background in first wave feminism, religious revival and reform. Expected 2023.